Miva Star of the Week: Confidence Agukwe

Miva Star of the week

Meet Confidence Agukwe, our Miva Star of the Week! Confidence is a Business Developer with a FinTech brand, but her thirst for knowledge doesn’t stop there. She’s currently pursuing her first degree in Cybersecurity at Miva Open University after close to a decade out of high school. Remarkably, she is the dedicated course representative for her class.

We had an insightful conversation with her in the Miva Community group to learn more about her inspiring journey. Confidence’s decision to pursue cybersecurity stemmed from her experience in the FinTech industry.

“I chose to pursue a degree in Cybersecurity at Miva Open University because of my keen interest in protecting digital assets and combating cyber threats. Having worked with a fintech brand for over 4 years and experienced cyber threats, I understand the Tech ecosystem needs to be protected at all costs. With the increasing dependency on technology in our daily lives, I believe there’s a growing need for professionals who can safeguard sensitive information and ensure the integrity of digital systems.” Confidence emphasizes.

Balancing work and studies can be demanding, but Confidence has mastered the art of organization. She utilizes Google Calendar and the Miva Learning Management System (LMS) calendar to manage her schedule effectively, allocating dedicated time slots for studies, live classes, and assignments. She mentioned that studying extra hours and prioritizing sleep are also keys to her academic success.

Furthermore, she mentioned the supportive Miva community has been instrumental in her success. While not initially envisioning herself as a class representative, Confidence embraced the role and thrived with the support of her classmates. “Despite busy schedules,” she shares, “their support makes this experience truly remarkable.”

Confidence’s passion extends beyond her studies. She enjoys being a solution provider, finding joy in resolving issues efficiently. Additionally, with nearly a decade in the e-commerce space, she finds creating content fulfilling.

She acknowledges the challenges of navigating a new field without a prior programming background. However, she credits Miva’s structure and her amazing study group for making the journey smoother.

“The fact that I have amazing coursemates made it so wonderful. They’re always ready to give me their support. Despite the fact that a good number of us are busy with work and have to balance it with studies, It’s been nothing short of remarkable.” Confidence said.

One of the things she loves about studying at Miva is the flexibility

“The Flexibility! The fact that I can study anywhere, anytime, and any day is a big flex and at the end of the day, I’d have a degree. I’ve had a series of online trainings, but none have I come across the idea of a success advisor who is always there to put me through.  I’m also going to mention my Success Advisor Mr. Israel Ejembi. Honestly, he’d take a page in this story. He’s been up with calls and every other medium making sure I’m not left behind. Talk about my HOD. Dr Emeka Ogbuju. Hmmmm…. He is always there to listen and direct. Then the way Miva programmed their learning management is enough to motivate me to do more and try to catch up with my fellow students. The study sessions has been helpful too.” Confidence

Her time at Miva has fostered valuable friendships with classmates across departments, creating a network of supportive study buddies.

Beyond academics, Confidence enjoys social media management and unwinds with writing content and reading novels. Her favorite authors include Chimamanda Adichie, Robert Ludlum, and Trevor Noah.  Learning new languages is another hobby she pursues. Interestingly, she is also an Igbo language tutor, reflecting her love for her culture.

Confidence’s message to future Miva learners:

“If you’re not in Miva, you’re missing! For the fact that I can study anywhere, anytime and anyday is a big flex!! So flexible and I can study at my own pace. The good thing here is, no one fails and absolutely no one will fail! It’s very simple, the way the LMS was structured is enough to keep you on your toes. Need I say Miva cares for your mental health too? They absolutely do. So if you want to study while working and doing your thing, choose Miva! With Miva, you absolutely won’t have any room to choose between your studies and work. Both of them stand… coming from a proud Miva student.”

Explore the BSc. Cybersecurity programme at Miva Open University and embark on your journey to protect cyberspace alongside Confidence and other passionate learners!

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