Miva Star of the Week: Uche Nelson’s Journey

Miva Star of the Week -Uche Nelson

Meet Uche Nelson, an inspiring learner currently studying BSc. in Software Engineering at Miva Open University, featured as Miva Star of the Week. We had the privilege of conversing with him in the Miva Community group, delving into his motivations and aspirations.

Residing in Asaba, from Delta State, Nigeria, Nelson holds a first degree in Chemistry Education and works as a dedicated school teacher. When asked about his decision to venture into software engineering at Miva Open University, his response was nothing short of remarkable.

“My first degree in Chemistry Education provided me with a strong foundation in science and teaching, I became increasingly drawn to the potential of technology to revolutionize education. I saw an opportunity to merge my passion for teaching with my interest in technology by pursuing a second degree in software engineering at Miva. I believe that by leveraging software engineering skills, I can enhance the teaching profession and education at large.  I see numerous opportunities to integrate my background in teaching chemistry with my software engineering skills. For example, I could develop educational software or applications that simulate chemical reactions, making complex concepts more interactive and accessible to students. Additionally, I could create online learning platforms tailored specifically for chemistry education, offering resources such as virtual labs, interactive tutorials, and personalized learning experiences.” Uche articulated.” – Uche Nelson

Uche’s journey at Miva Open University has been enriching both academically and personally. While balancing work and studies presents inherent challenges, his dedication and commitment shine through. He utilizes careful time management techniques like calendars and to-do lists to ensure he effectively meets all deadlines.

Uche acknowledges the influence of Miva Open University‘s Chancellor, Sim Shagaya, in fostering his problem-solving mindset. Being an ardent user and advocate for the uLesson App (even amongst his students), Uche expresses his desire to join the ranks of Edu-Tech and contribute to elevating Nigerian education to global standards.

One of the aspects Uche cherishes most about Miva Open University is the flexibility to seamlessly integrate his work and studies. While he initially faced hurdles due to his limited prior programming knowledge, he actively participates in study groups and leverages the support of his peers. These collaborative efforts, along with guidance from his Success Advisor, Israel Ejembi, have empowered him to navigate the challenges and progress in his learning journey.

Beyond being a teacher and aspiring Software engineer, Uche enjoys writing, social media engagement, and creating content in his free time. His journey at Miva has facilitated connecting with amazing people who have generously provided their support and assistance, including his fellow “soft engine guys” and the broader Miva student community. He expresses his sincere gratitude to everyone who has played a role in his academic experience.

Uche’s inspiring message for future Miva Learners:

“You are missing a lot because Miva Open University is exceeding expectations. I have always told aspirants that Miva Open University is under-marketed. At least I have tested the conventional university and Miva, and I can tell you that Miva’s curriculum is top-notch. It’s hard to fail any course. Not after all the cutting-edge technologies and resources Miva has put in place to make your academic journey seamless. In sum, I will advise prospective students to apply and kick-start their journey to acquiring a degree that will get them hired at the Miva Open University.” Uche Nelson, Software Engineering Learner at Miva Open University

Explore the BSc. Software Engineering Programme at Miva Open University and join Uche Nelson and other passionate learners in shaping the future of technology and education.

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  1. Congratulations to you Uche. He has been so helpful to the 2024 cohort. At first we thought he was a lecturer or Admin in MIVA
    He was so supportive ensuring you get the confidence to register at MIVA. He turned to be academic advisor until in one question and answer section he mentioned he is a student like us
    Even did more than an SUG president if you ask me.
    Congratulations to Uche Nelson the award is by merit

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