Sporting Lagos FC Athletes Embark on their Academic Journey at Miva Open University 

Sporting Lagos Players at Miva Open University

We are delighted to welcome Christian Nwoke and Isaac Annor, both esteemed athletes at Sporting Lagos FC, as they embark on their bachelor’s degree journey at Miva Open University.

From an early age, Christian harbored a passion for Business Administration. However, financial constraints initially thwarted his aspirations. Nevertheless, he is now filled with enthusiasm as he commences his studies in Business Management at Miva Open University. This choice resonates deeply with his long-term career objectives, illustrating his commitment to personal and professional growth.

Similarly, Isaac’s aspirations revolve around making a positive impact on both his immediate community and society at large. Enrolling in Public Policy and Administration at Miva Open University marks a significant step towards realizing these ambitions.

Miva Open University’s unique flexibility enables both Christian and Isaac to seamlessly integrate their academic pursuits with their athletic careers. This invaluable opportunity ensures they can pursue their passions without compromising on either front. Additionally, the dedicated support provided by success advisors assigned to each student promises to be instrumental in guiding them through their educational journey.

We eagerly anticipate witnessing the remarkable achievements and contributions that Christian and Isaac will undoubtedly make, both on the field and in their academic endeavors, as they embark on this exciting journey at Miva Open University.

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